Week 5: Chemical Control of the Brain and Behaviour

The topic of this week was chemical control of the brain and behaviour, which was very interesting in our opinion. We studied the chapter 15 from the book, which includes sections about  the autonomous nervous system, the secretory of hypothalamus and the diffuse modulatory systems of the brain. The length of chapter 15 was really good: it was not too long or too heavy to read.  That is a positive thing compared to the first few weeks. It is fascinating how the autonomous nervous systems work, without us being aware of them working all the time. Many vital functions are extremely regulated to maintain homeostasis and we do not have to take care of that.

The videos of the lecture were really illustrative, maybe because they were meant for kids. They were simplified enough to actually understand the synaptic transmission processes, which remained a bit unclear and complicated after just reading the last weeks chapter 6.

It was nice to test our own reaction times and create our own data with the Python script. That brought some refreshing variety in the exercise tasks. We started to wonder, why most of the exercises (five out of six) are in the first half of the course. Thus, the workload from the exercises is not so evenly distributed.


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