Week 4: Neurotransmitter systems

This week we studied chapter 6 from the book, which discussed neurotransmitter systems. It includes for example different transmitter gated channels and transmitter release. The chapter is extremely detailed, so it is probably not one of the easiest topics of this course. However, it is positive that we had only one chapter this week, so there was more time to familiarise ourselves with the subject. We are wondering, why did we not study chapter 6 before the last weeks chapters 8 – 10. Is there any specific reason for this?

We also tested the apps recommended on the MyCourses page, such as 3D Brain, which was very helpful when trying to learn the different structures of the brain. Maybe if these kind of applications were be available  for studying other structures (e.g. visual and olfactory structures), it  would make the learning process more efficient.

The exercise questions were really interesting and required a lot of researching the topic on your own. When it comes to the quizzes, the 5 minutes was not enough time to answer the questions, because they were more complicated this week. We are already looking forward to the excursions, since they might give us a more practical touch to the subject. Especially visits to companies could be very interesting.

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