Week 3: Senses

The topics of this week were gustatory and olfactory systems as well as the eye and the central visual systems. The workload was extremely heavy, since we had a lot to read and take in from all the three chapters. It’s a bit confusing that the exercises were about brain anatomy (chapter 7 in the book), even though we had to study chapters 8-10 for the upcoming quiz. It’s not possible to learn this much information in just one week — the order in which we study these things is not very logical. In general, the basic idea of the exercise was good and quite concrete, but maybe the two hours could have been used in a more efficient way.

It is very useful to study the anatomy of the brain at this point, since for most of us the names of different structures were not familiar beforehand. However, all of us had learned at least something about brain anatomy already for example while doing bachelor’s thesis or summer work. The lecture discussed the synaptic transmission, so it was again a recapitulation of last week’s subject. All in all, the topics of this week were all very interesting, but it requires more time and work to actually understand these truly complicated systems.

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