Week 2: Action potentials and synapses

This week’s lecture was mainly about chapters 3 and 4 of the book. It felt a bit illogical that the quiz in the beginning of the lecture was about chapters 2 and 3, but then the lecture discussed chapter 3 not until after the quiz. However, it is always good to recap things we have already learned. Also, it was nice to notice that the presemo questions were answered properly. The exercises of the week were quite useful, and most answers could be found from the book (except the derivation exercise). Completing the exercises really supports the learning process.

The chapters 4 and 5 we had to read this week discussed the action potential and synapses. Again, the chapters gave a lot more in-depth approach to these topics, since for example in high school these are covered in much more straightforward manner. We didn’t notice any conflicts with the facts we had learned previously.  The chapter 4 was really helpful when trying to understand the entire action potential process. The topic of chapter 5 was a bit harder to understand though, since it had more small details that were rather difficult to put together. It is both interesting and scary how just small disturbances in these microscopic phenomena can cause so serious problems and even be lethal.

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