Week 1: First thoughts on this course

The first lecture begun with a discussion about the importance of brain research as well as basic topics related to the brain. The rest of the lecture was strongly related to the second chapter Neurons and Glia of the course book, covering the different cell types and their structures in the brain.

Even though many of the topics and concepts were already familiar to us, it is always useful to go through them and refresh one’s memory. However, the book approached the topics in a more detailed way, so we learned new things as well. The amount of new information related to the time we have is quite large, even though not every detail has to be learned by heart. We must also accept that it is impossible to completely understand the brain by just taking one course, since it will always remain slightly mysterious.

It is important to understand the structure and functions of the brain to also understand how different disorders and diseases are developed. Especially when reading the Of special interest boxes one realizes how all this is related to real life. We are also looking forward to the excursions, since they give a more practical touch to this interesting subject. It will be interesting to see what kind of exercises we are going to have on this course as well.

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