Week 8

Week number 8 of the course began as usual on Monday, this time with a short quiz on how neurons wire in the human brain, followed by a class on the same topic.

On Tuesday we had a visit to the Cognitive Brain Research Unit of the University of Helsinki, which is placed in Meilahti Hospital. Half of the members of the research group are psychologists and the other half have backgrounds in biomedical engineering or neuroscience.

The research group counts on, at least, 2 sealed rooms for EEG experiments fully equipped with a variety of EEG caps and electrodes, eye trackers, visual and aural stimulus equipment, etc.

Among the current and past research projects of the group, the one I found to be the most interesting is the study of how bilingual individuals use a larger part of the cortex to process language.

Moreover, I also found very interesting the work the research group is doing in speech development in infants. Part of this study consists in evaluating (via EEG) how infants perceive sounds in their first language (e.i., Finnish) versus how they perceive similar sounds in a different language (e.g., Estonian).

As well as these studies, the research group is also working on research in music and singing therapies for stroke patients and age-related mental diseases in elder patients.


By Diego Milardovich



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