Week 6

This week began with Monday’s lecture. The lecture was about neurotransmitter systems and it was the continuation of the previous lecture on the same topic.
More specifically, the topic discussed during this week was the chemical control of the brain and its connection with behavior. As usual, at the beginning of the lecture there was a quiz on this topic.
Among the different aspects of the chemical control of the brain and its connection with behavior, it was emphasized the relation between acetylcholine and learning; the role of the hypothalamus in the release of neuromodulators and the possible connection between Alzheimer’s desease and neuromodulators.
I believe the topic of neuromodulators is quite interesting, even though it is very distant from my background in electronic engineering. I find it fascinating how neuromodulators can be used to communicate a wide range of neurons among each other, even if they are distant. Moreover, I consider it is a key piece in the development and evolution of the human brain, with a clear and important connection with behavior, learning and responses to the environment and external stimulus.
Next week there will be no classes because of the exams week. The week after, the excursions will begin and I think it will be very interesting to visit the companies and laboratories working in the field of neuroscience.


By Diego Milardovich

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