Week 5

This was a rather different kind of week for me, as I missed both the lecture on Monday as well as the exercise session on Tuesday, due to being ill. Nevertheless, I was able to catch up on the topic of the week at home and through the slides posted on MyCourses, however the I missed the quiz of the week.

The topic of the week was about neurotransmitters. We learned what are neurotransmitters and what actually are the prequisites for a substance to be classified as a neurotransmitter. Some of these requirements are: it needs to be synthesized as well as stored in the presynaptic neuron; following stimulation, it needs to be released from the presynaptic axon terminal; it needs to produce some kind of response in the post-synaptic cell. The function of the neurotransmitters was also discussed in the slides, and terms such as second messengers, the cascading of neurotransmitters, nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and muscarinic acetylcholine receptor.

Neurotransmitters have been discussed in the course before and some of their functions and criteria was already familiar to me, but it was nice to have a good in-depth look on them, because of their importance in the operation of the brain. I’m hoping I can make a resurgence on the next weeks sessions, as I’m feeling a bit better now.

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