Week 4

Today ended the fourth week of the course. As usual, on Monday we had a quiz and a theoretical lecture, while on Tuesday we had an exercise session.
The topics of this week were the olfactory system, the gustatory system and the visual system.  
I found to be specially interesting how the visual system processes information in a completely parallel way. In oder words, the shapes, colors, movements and other characteristics of the images perceived by the eyes are not analyzed in a sequential fashion (as one might expect), rather in  parallel way. This allows to process a much larger amount of information in a very reduced time.
A sequential process of such a large amount of visual information would be simply too slow to allow an effective response to extern stimuli and therefore it makes sense that the visual system and the processing of visual information evolved in this way. 
Moreover, I find this topic to be fascinating and very related to one of the research questions that I would like to address: could it be possible to design, develop and implement brain-inspired artificial processors based on the parallel information processing which takes place in the human brain? Would this approach show a better performance and/or would it be more energy-efficient than current sequential processors? 
By Diego Milardovich

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