Week 3

Week 3 started of with a lecture on Monday. First we had a short quiz, followed by the introcuction of the topic of the day. The focus of the lecture was on synaptic transmissions and it was mostly lectured by Matias Palva. The lecture was heavy on information, with multiple concepts introduced, trickled with many minute details, which made it quite a heavy experience, especially early on a Monday. Nevertheless, some concepts that were introduces were the connections between neurons and how the actual neurotransmitters function and how a chemical synapse actually works. I found it very helpful and good structuring of the course that the lecture’s topics focused more or less on the exercises given and done by us in the previous week, such as the action potential, resting membrane potential and the Nernst equation, just to name a few. It flowed nicely and made following the rather heavy topic more fluid.

On Tuesday, on the other hand, as a nice contrast, the exercise sessions was rather light-hearted as we made a miniature model brain out of putty. It was the first time in 20+ years since I had put my hands on putty again. The 2 hour session flew by like a breeze, as it was an interactive and fun way of learning the various parts of the brain as the model was being built. After the session, I took the model to my office, but unfortunately some of it had dried and fallen off the next day when I came back to work.

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