Dude I’m so wired… (Week 8)

November is getting darker and darker and writing this blog is getting harder and harder… Teekkari tradition week is behind us and so is Monday’s lecture. The topic was interesting, wiring the brain! – S

The excursion to the Cognitive Brain Research Unit in Helsinki University was interesting to me as a music lover. The tour of the lab itself and the thorough explanation gave a nice insight into what actual research in our field is like.

The presentations of the different types of research were the really interesting part to me. I am a huge music geek (I’m pretty much an everything geek if you haven’t guessed already), so any studies containing the words “brain”, “cognition” and “music” are right up my alley. The long term effects of musical hobbies study was definitely something I would be interested in studying as well. Recently the therapeutic applications of music in stroke patients has also been explored by many different research groups, and as it happens, CBRU also has its research on the topic :D.

Below are some other interesting articles I found, from the same research unit. (I might sign up as a test subject – I found out you can do that when searching for more info on the research presented.) – P

Cognitive and neural mechanisms underlying the mnemonic effect of songs after stroke.

On the Association Between Musical Training, Intelligence and Executive Functions in Adulthood

Music Therapy Enhances Executive Functions and Prefrontal Structural Neuroplasticity after Traumatic Brain Injury: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial.

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