Secrets and Secretions (Week 6)

Phew what a week! The examination week is coming which means that we don’t have lectures next week and we’ve been really busy lately. P has been directing student theatre and writing a bachelor’s thesis with me. V was on vacation, but P and I started our week on Monday morning with lecture 2 on neurotransmitter systems. A week ago we learned the basics of neurotransmitters and now we focused on the neurotransmitter pathways in more detail. I think last week was a tough week with a tough Monday morning, but I still managed to learn something about Alzheimer’s disease which is caused by cell deaths in acetylcholinergic pathways.



I was enjoying a somewhat early vacation, but no week must go without learning something. While walking on the dunes of Maspalomas, especially thirst and its regulation come to mind. How using energy on walking, the heat and sweating decrease the amount of water in the body, the hypothalamus, posterior pituitary and kidneys control the level of thirst. When blood needs more water (blood pressure and volume drop), the kidneys and hypothalamus regulate the blood pressure and increase the feelings of thirst. Remember to listen to your body guys, and drink lots of water!

– V


I have been directing Fyysikkospeksi this week, we had four shows and the last one is on Monday, only 16 tickets left!!! (;D;D;D) Here and here are some neuroscience on acting and what happens in the brain when acting as another person. I read these “in preparation” for directing but really I was just interested in the academic side of things. 😀 My brain can’t handle more information, or the sympathetic nervous system will activate. Once the last show finishes, I think there will be a parasympathetic response…


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