Membranes, membranes, membranes (Week 2)

Lecture Monday 16th Sept

Chapter 3 was only gone through in this lecture, because it was already supposed to be read for the quiz at the beginning of said lecture. So suppose the cycle goes somehow not in sync (i.e. one chapter from the quiz and then a new chapter)

A lot of time was spent on answering the questions from presemo from the previous lecture, good maybe, but in my opinion we could have gone through them a bit quicker.

It felt like the questions were already answered during the previous lecture. Yes, maybe revising them is good, and I especially liked that the slides included some written answers for them, but I think too much of the lecture time was spent on those. – V

I had the same feeling! And I got a bit bored during that first part of the lecture and it affected my ability to concentrate during the remaining lecture… Most of the topics were nothing new for me but as I expected the topics were covered in more specific detail than before. – S

For me, most of the membrane structure stuff is revision from previous studies, and unfortunately I had to leave in the middle of the lecture to go to YTHS. Agree on the points about presemo Qs, having them collectively answered like that is good but I don’t know how galvanizing it is to the majority of the lecture attendants. – P


Thoughts about first exercise session

Had to skip, was sad 🙁 – S & V

Same here, as I fell ill during the weekend, damn that freshman fever. So far though I am very relieved that the communication from the course organizers has been so clear and frequent (for example the notification about bringing your own box for a PUTTY BRAIN) Color me excited for next Tuesday! – P


Okay cool, any new or exciting stuff this week?

Oh yes! I started looking into the brain-blood barrier, as that is one of the major challenges in treating brain disorders or delivering any kind of pharmaceutical intervention to the brain. On one hand, it is a very effective protector of our thinking-sponge, but sometimes it is protecting itself from outside help as well. Not to mention that when it is not performing its duties as it should, it can cause a multitude of problems all on its own. (Bonus reading:

EPSP summation is another thing I’m hoping we will dwell on on this course. The system is very similar to basic computing, so that definitely piqued my interest. – P

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