Hello world! (Week 1)

This blog is going to function as the learning diary of three brain enthusiasts, P, V and S, attending a course called Structure and operation of the human brain in Aalto University. We are going to record our thoughts about the lectures and other interesting tidbits we find along the way, related and expanding on the topics covered. To make things a bit clearer, we are going to use our initials to show who’s thoughts are going on, but often we’ll just rant about the things we get excited about together.

Let’s kick off our first blog post with a round of introductions, and proceed in a vaguely interview-like style!

Who are you and why are you taking this course?

P – I’m a 5th year biology nerd who is enthusiastic about extracurriculars, human behaviour and programming.

V – I’m a 4th year student in the BME major, and I’m here to learn more about brainz!

S – I’m also a 4th year student but working on my bachelor’s thesis this fall and hoping to start next year in master’s programme in neuroscience major. So this course is hopefully going to help with both of them!

What kind of expectations do you have for the course?

P – This is my first masters level course and I am so glad it is a bit more biology focused than the bachelors ones. I’m hoping that the level of depth will reflect the interest most people seem to have!

V – I am expecting a lot of learning about interesting stuff related to neuroscience and also the excursions that are going to take place during the course.

S – I’m a bit scared of the level of the course now but very eager to learn even more about the human brain! This is not my first brain related course but probably is going to be the most detailed one.

Thoughts about the first lecture?

P – I’m really liking that there are many forms of teaching on the course, and the first lecture gave a nice outline of what is going to happen. I’ve studied physiology and developmental biology before, so some of the stuff is already something I’m familiar with. At least for now, the refresher has been very useful and I’m looking forward to what the course will bring. 🙂

V – From my point of view, the first lecture sparked some ideas about what the course is going to be about. Since my bachelor’s thesis was on a brain-related subject, and also because of earlier courses related to physiology, the topics didn’t introduce anything new so far. I am eager to see what’s to come!

S – The teachers seemed to be very into the subject of the course so my expectations on the lectures are very high now. The topic of the first lecture was covering the basics so not much new info but unlike Han Solo, I have a good feeling about this!

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